Month: June 2016

Game 3 postponed for tomorrow at 3pm

Today’s Bucks vs Wild game has been postponed to tomorrow at 3pm. The game is 7-0 starting the top of the 4th inning.

Jeremy Charles is on the mound for the Wild and Andrew Gottstein for the Bucks.

The continuance for this game will begin at 3pm tomorrow followed by the regular scheduled game at 630pm.

Tickets are just $5.


The New Hampshire Wild (0-2) lost to the Watertown Bucks (2-0) in a tough game. The Wild were once again winning going into the later innings of the game when the bullpen gave up several runs to the Bucks hot offense.

The Wild once again ended the game with 3 errors totaling 8 in just two games. Manager Jerry Gonzalez wasn’t happy with his teams first two games but he is not letting two games prevent him from losing confidence in his guys.

“These are my guys, I picked them for a reason and i believe in them. It’s just two games and there is a full season still ahead of us. We are ok and will be ok. We got Jerm on the bump tomorrow and that’s what we are looking forward to. First two games are in the past” Manager Jerry Gonzalez

The Wilds bullpen has some injuries that occured prior to opening day. With those releivers not being able to go, the Wild are tight with their pen and look to bounce back tomorrow as they take on the Bucks for the 3rd game of the 5 game series at 2:00pm at Dr. Arthur and Martha Pappas Field.

Tickets are only $5 for all guest.

Wild drop season opener to Bucks!

The Watertown Bucks (1-0) got their first win of the season tonight in a high scoring battle with the New Hampshire Wild (0-1). The Game started off with a Grand Slam by Wild 3rd Baseman Joshua Wong off of Starter Jimmie Davis that put the Wild up by 4. But that was just the beginning of a long offensive game.

Both Starters Jimmie Davis and Trevor Jaunich went 5.0 innings pitched and both got no decisions. David Hatt earned the win for the Bucks and Matthew Petersen got the loss. The Bucks took the lead in the 5th inning 8-7 before both managers made moves to the bullpen. The Wild took a 9-8 lead in the 7th when Wild catcher Ken Matzusaka blooped a go ahead double.

The Bucks were not finished however, the team rallied with two outs in the 8th inning to score a 3 runs and regain the lead and keep the lead going into the ninth when closer Matthew Eschelman took the Wild in order to take the first victory of the season for the Bucks.

Elliot Armstrong led the offense for the Bucks with 3 singles, 1 double and a stolen base, while Joshua Wong led the Wild with a Grand Slam and 4 RBI’s and Justin Black also homered with 3 RBI’s.

“We made a few too many mistakes. Bucks hit the ball really well though. I feel like if we could’ve made a few routine plays at the beginning of an inning or with 2 outs that it could’ve changed the outcome of the game even with all the hitting that went on but tonight we didn’t make those plays and it got us.” NH Wild Manager Jerry Gonzalez

Manager of the Wild Jerry Gonzalez wasn’t happy about the 4 errors his team made to the Bucks 0. He believes that was the biggest difference in the game.

The Bucks will take on the Wild again tomorrow night (Saturday) at 6:30pm at Dr. Arthur and Martha Pappas field. Tickets are just $5.

Wild present #1 Jersey to President of Franklin Pierce University

Both General Manager Mandi Adee and Field Manager Jerry Gonzalez of the New Hampshire Wild presented the Wild’s #1 Jersey to the President of Franklin Pierce University, Mr Andrew Card. The team has honored the #1 Jersey to Mr. Card and the number will not be used by any player.

Franklin Pierce University has welcomed the New Hampshire Wild with open arms and has made the University baseball field, Dr. Arthur and Martha Pappas Field, the official home of the New Hampshire Wild.

“This is one of the nicest facilities I have been around and for Franklin Pierce University to open their doors to us and help us make this a successful year for the Wild says a lot about how high class of a University this is. Not to mention their respected baseball program who just came back from the collegiate World Series as a top team in the nation. This is an overall a perfect place not just to play, but for anyone interested in a great education as well. I wish i could’ve came here when i went to college” – Jerry Gonzalez Manager of the Wild

Mr. Card looks forward to a great long lasting relationship with the Wild and both the Wild and Franklin Pierce hope to make a huge community impact in the city of Rindge, New Hampshire.

Opening Day for the Wild is this Friday June 3rd at 6:30pm at Dr. Arthur and Martha Pappas Field. Tickets are just $5 at the gate.


As opening day gets closer, the New Hampshire Wild’s final rostered players have made it to their new home in Rindge, NH. The Wild have 2 Japanese, 2 Venezuelan, 1 Hawaiian and 16 Americans in the roster in what is to be a very good ball club according to Wild’s Manager Jerry Gonzalez.

“I had a very strong draft at camp. I knew the guys I wanted from scout day but i didn’t know if I would get them. There was a ton of talent at camp and making my final roster was not easy but i feel i got a very good and talented group of guys that have what it takes to win here in New Hampshire. I can’t wait to get this season going” – Jerry Gonzalez NH Wild Manager

The New Hampshire Wild open up the 2016 Empire League season this Friday  June 3rd at the Dr. Arthur and Martha Pappas Field, Home of the Franklin Pierce University Ravens baseball program. Tickets are just $5 and are on sale now. You may purchase tickets at the gate as well.