The Wild club is an organization that has formed to support (e.g. coordinate events, raise money, etc.) the Wild Baseball professional club. The club is generally run and organized by supporters in the community and by fans. It is not a social club. Its main function is to develop support for the student program and raise funds to supplement shrinking public support as a result of budget cuts.

A popular way for booster clubs to raise money is with raffles held at games for some item that would be donated by a local business, clothing such as t-shirts, or the sale of popcorn, hot dogs, and other food items to the fans who attend a game or events.


  • Fundraising for expenses for team
  • Fundraising to provide meals for players and coaches
  • Help organize events and team fundraisers
  • Administer Host Families and Housing arrangements


  • FREE Ticket Rewards
  • VIP access to team activities and event


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